4 Effective Tips For Using Content For SEO Oxford To Boost Website Traffic

The Internet is full of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guides, tips and books from which you can learn the best practices. For many small businesses, the problem usually isn’t finding trustworthy information but knowing how to apply the tips and tricks of SEO to their websites. Content still remains king in SEO and here are a few SEO Oxford tips to boost website traffic using written content.

1.    Choose Proper Keywords

The keyword is one of the most mentioned SEO elements and is the focus or main topic of your content. When choosing your keywords always keep in mind that yours is not the only business using those keywords. In fact, it is quite possible that millions of websites target the same keywords.

Small businesses should start by focusing on keyword research since there are different ways to convey the same message. You can do keyword research using free tools from Google or you can use various paid tools. Each approach has its pros and cons.

A free keyword tool like Google Keyword Planner can be effective in showing you the terms that people search for the most. Once you find these terms, you should sprinkle them sparingly in your content to help search engines to associate your website with them. However, do not put too many keywords to avoid penalties from the search engines.

Since keyword research is of great importance and you cannot afford to go wrong, it can be good to engage the services of experts in SEO Oxford

2.    Matching The Description & Title To Search Intent

When coming up with your page titles and Meta descriptions, search intent needs to be an important consideration. Ensure that the content in the Meta description has a logical flow connecting the search result title to the page headline as well as the rest of the page content.

Try to determine the intent of the person searching. Is he just in the early stages of researching information or has he already done his research and is just about to make a purchase? If you include the wrong statement in the wrong description and headline combination you risk having a higher bounce rates.

3.    Quality, Fresh Content

Previously, shorter pieces of content were preferred for SEO purposes but now this is changing. Today, longer articles rank higher in the search results. Small businesses usually focus their website content on sales but it is possible to improve visibility in the search results by publishing high quality content for your customers or prospects to consume.

If the focus of your website is roof repair, don’t just talk about the costs. You can include articles such as how to care for your roof and how to choose a roof repair professional and so on. Detailed, quality content is critical for SEO. While you may wish for your website to focus on the value proposition and sales the search engines on the other hand reward websites with original content of over 2000 words.

The ideal strategy would be to combine both publishing of new content and updating your existing content regularly to keep your website fresh both for your visitors and the search engines.

4.    Backlinks

Backlinks in SEO are hyperlinks from other websites that lead to your website. They are a key element of SEO since search engines usually reward websites with quality inbound links. Creating event pages, excellent resources, and helpful content encourages other websites and blogs to link to yours but to obtain high authority links, you often have to do more.

One way to obtain these high authority links is to use digital PR. Small businesses can target a news outlet with a high authority website then create content worth sharing. For small businesses, an efficient strategy would be to create PR campaigns that will align their brand to causes they genuinely care about.


Content is a critical element of SEO and it is therefore important for small businesses to focus on it. The 4 tips discussed in this article should be enough to boost your SEO efforts. If you would like to have better rankings in the search engine results, have more prospects and leads, and generate more sales then consider implementing the SEO Oxford tips discussed in this article.