New Customer Blog

As a new marketing agency we thought we would create this blog to document our progress. As we take on new projects we will tell our readers all we can bout the customers and the type of work we are doing for them.

In general we hope most customers will agree to this but obviously some will not want to be named so we will talk about these in a broader perspective using just an industry sector and the type of issue we are helping them with.

Our first project has just completed and this was for a specialist travel website focusing on the Maldives. For this customer we agreed to take a share of the business rather than a fee.  The aim of the project was to take a website with relatively low traffic volumes but a very trusted position in the market place and move them to a more modern web platform from an ASP Net platform, redesigning the site to make it more visually appeal, get in ranking for many more search phrases on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo and then lead the sale of the site.

This was a project we worked on over an 18 month period, the website is now a Joomla website and has just this week sold as a trade sale.

We sometimes take projects on like this with no direct fee as we appreciate some business have great ideas and great potential but do not have the cash to employ a marketing agency to help them realize their full potential . By working at strategic level with client and taking an agreed equity stake we can help some businesses make gigantic leaps forward.